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There are many CrossFit locations to choose from so why choose us? We set ourselves apart from other gyms for many reasons. First and foremost is our coaches. We have some of the most experienced and professional coaches in the industry. They are completely dedicated to each of our members and always give personal attention that can’t be found in larger boxes or gyms. Our coaches work together to design an effective program that is guaranteed to make you work harder than you ever have, but will also be FUN.

They are competitive, motivating, encouraging, supportive, strong and humble. Second, we train in smaller groups, allowing for more individual attention and coaching. Our coaches don’t just say, “3, 2, 1, GO”. They are there to actively coach and teach. Whether before class, during class, or after class, they are there to coach and teach. Additionally, we strive to maintain a friendly and supportive atmosphere amongst all our members. We accept EVERYONE of all ages and fitness levels. Our strongest asset is our community. We don’t just train together, we are truly a CrossFit family.