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Whether you’re a professional athlete, generally active, or haven’t worked out in years, CrossFit is for YOU! Here at CrossFit Gold Standard Athletics, our workouts are created with YOU in mind. They are designed for the competitive athlete to the beginner and can always be scaled to your individual fitness level. We believe in increasing load and intensity over time for the safety of our members. Our workouts are for individuals looking to be lean, strong, and healthy for life.

Sports Performance

We offer both on and offsite training for select school and clubs teams. We design and implement a detailed performance schedule to meet team goal objectives, as well as the individual goals of each athlete. Sessions consists of the fundamental components of strength, power, explosiveness, agility, flexibility, speed form, and balance. Team training is specialized and specific, addressing team tendencies and weaknesses, which then allows the performance specialist the best opportunity to improve all athletes.

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As CrossFit athletes, we can’t forget the importance of mobility. We all know we need it, but we seldom dedicate enough time to it. With this in mind, we started our Mobility class! That’s right! We have a weekly class that is dedicated to provide our members time to focus strictly on mobility. It’s a great time to relax, stretch and even have fun with the members of our CrossFit FAMILY!


We all love the high intensity of CrossFit, but seldom find time to stretch the muscles we work so hard building and toning so we offer a special Yoga class once a week, in addition to our M&M class! Yoga is a great way to realign your chakras, release some stress and allow those hard-working muscles time to relax and lengthen, helping to improve movement and prevent injury. Yoga is open to all members and non-members ($10 for non-members). We even have special events such as, Yoga under the Stars, Sunset/Sunrise Yoga! Namaste!

Open Gym

This is an unsupervised class time where members are expected to safely manage their own workout. Our trainers are still on hand to offer instruction, monitor form, and offer motivation. You must be an active CFGSA member for a minimum of three months to participate in open gym. This is for the safety of our members.

Foundations 101

This program consists of three instructional classes with a CrossFit coachwhere you will learn the basic fundamental movements of CrossFit and the important terminology used in the Workout of the Day (WOD). Once you have completed our Foundations Program, you will be ready for our group CrossFit classes!